Election/Valg 2019

ÅPNINGSTIDER VALGLOKALER (For English, look further down)

Det er det samme hvilket av kommunens valglokaler du stemmer i. Selv om du for eksempel bor i Stokke, så kan du for stemme på rådhuset. Men husk legitimasjon!

Søndag 8.9. kl. 12 - 18
Mandag 9.9. kl. 10 - 21

Du kan stemme ved disse valglokalene:

  • Sandefjord rådhus
  • Breidablikk ungdomsskole
  • Haukerød barneskole
  • Ranvik ungdomsskole
  • Varden ungdomsskole
  • Andebu ungdomsskole
  • Kodal barneskole
  • Høyjord barneskole
  • Stokkehallen
  • Vennerød barneskole
  • Melsom barneskole

Remember to vote Sunday 8th and Monday 9th September!

Both Norwegian and foreign nationals have a right to vote in municipal and county council elections in Norway, but the eligibility requirements depend on your citizenship.

If you are a Nordic citizen, you can vote if you:

  • Are over 18 years, or turn 18 in 2019
  • Have been registered as resident in Norway since 30 June 2019

If you are a foreign national from a country outside the Nordics, you can vote if you:

  • Are over 18 years old, or turn 18 in 2019
  • Have been registered as residing in Norway continuously in Norway for the last three years before election day.

Where can you vote?
There are several polling stations – you can find your nearest polling station by clicking here: www.valglokaler.no

How do you vote?
All you need in order to vote at the polling station is a photo ID. You can bring your polling card with you, that saves you some time.
When entering a polling station, you will be met by an election officer that will help you if you have any questions. When you are ready the election officer will show you to a polling booth.

If you want to vote for a specific party, you simply take the ballot paper of that party. You don’t need to anything else. However, Norwegian elections allow you to give some of your vote “power” to specific candidates only, and even candidates from other parties.

To give a personal vote to a specific candidate on the party list, you place a mark in the box next to their name(s). In this local election it is also allowed to add candidates from other party lists. You simply just write the name of the candidate(s) in the specific place on the ballot paper. When you do this, a proportion of your vote will then be transferred from the party ballot paper to that specific candidate.