Education Centre for Adults

Free primary education for adults

Education Act Chapter 4A provides all adults turned 16 entitled to a new primary school.

Our application form is in Norwegian. Please visit us if you're having trouble downloading or filling out the form:

Apply for primary education

Apply for primary education

Apply for primary education

Our counsellor can give you advice and guidance regarding subjects you should choose or what level you can start.

You can enroll throughout the year.

Why take elementary school as an adult?

  • Because you did not complete primary school.
  • Because you want to freshen up one or several subjects.
  • Because you are from another country and want to take Norwegian elementary school.
  • Because you want help to improve your reading, writing and arithmetic skills.

What can you apply for?

  • All subjects through 10th grade level.
  • Reading and writing practice.
  • Computer training.
  • Special needs education.

At Sandefjord Education Centre for Adults you can study Norwegian, English, mathematics, social studies, science and RLE (Religion and philosophy of Life and Ethics).

Study is flexible, you can choose whether you want to complete it within a year or need more time. All subjects are divided into different levels so you can study at the level that suits you best. You can decide to learn just one or two subjects at a time or all the subjects with a complete timetable. Taking exam is optional. We offer daytime and evening studies.

Teaching takes place in small groups or individually. Sandefjord Education Centre for Adults is a school where safety and respect is a foundation that allows for mastery and development.

Reading and writing difficulties

If you are struggling with reading and writing, you have the right to get better by training. Teaching is organized in small groups or individually. Sandefjord Education Centre for Adults has well qualified and experienced teachers, and has programs that allow you to practice and be better in reading and writing.

We also offer counselling, guidance and short courses, and we can test your reading and writing skills.

Education Centre for Adults


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Telefon: 33 46 51 61

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Telefon: 33 46 51 61

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